Customer communication is important to businesses. You can strengthen your brand image with effective customer communication. It is also significant to make a difference between competitors. On the other hand, messaging is a powerful and easy method for customer communication. Businesses can now communicate with customers through different messaging channels. So which messaging channel is better? WhatsApp or SMS?

Why Messaging Is Important In Customer Communication

Texting is a common but day-saving communication method. Widespread use makes it significant in customer communication. Your customers may not always return your calls, and the e-mails you send may be overlooked.

Texting is an effective and guaranteed way to communicate with customers. It personalizes customer communication and cannot be ignored. On the other hand, messaging improved customer communication, but the development of technology, brought different features to messaging channels. However, before comparing, let’s talk about their features.

What Is SMS?

Also known as the short message service, it was introduced in 1992. When it was first founded, it was a revolution in communications. SMS is a much better way to communicate with others. Because it’s fast and easy. Its widespread use is among the features that make it stand out in customer communication.

What Is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app for smartphones. WhatsApp, which started to be used in 2009, allows parties to send messages, audio, and video to each other. With more than 2 million users today, it is among the most used applications in the world.

The company launched WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API in 2018. WhatsApp Business attracted attention in a short time with its features such as automatic messages and categorization.

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WhatsApp vs. SMS

Each channel has different characteristics in customer communication. SMS has widespread use known by everyone. On the other hand, the development of technology has made WhatsApp more popular.

While both are common, both have their strengths Whatsapp has been the beginning of a new era in communication. Although SMS is used effectively, Whatsapp is indispensable in customer communication.


  • You can communicate instantly with WhatsApp 24/7. You can also keep your customer communication continuous with automatic messages. However, SMS cannot send automatically or respond to incoming messages.
  • SMS only supports text content. But you can send images, audio recordings, and even videos with WhatsApp. This feature makes customer communication faster and more effective.
  • Communicating with WhatsApp is less costly than SMS. A smartphone and internet connection will suffice for this. We must remind you; that not all your customers may have a smartphone or a WhatsApp account. Whereas, SMS can be sent to all users.
  • SMS allows one-way communication, unlike WhatsApp. Two-way communication makes customer communication fast and easy. 
  • You can create a business profile for your WhatsApp account. In addition, you can add your business information to this profile. That makes it easier for your customers and increases your brand reliability.

Compared to SMS, WhatsApp is much more functional for advanced customer relationship management. The app, which has business-facilitating features, is also a powerful channel for a first-class customer experience.

Why Is SMS Still Used?

Although the use of SMS has decreased, it remains valid. Businesses generally use SMS for the following reasons;

  • SMS has two-factor identity protection. Therefore it is more reliable for banks and financial institutions.
  • Account recovery messages are delivered via SMS.
  • SMS is also an effective marketing tool. It would be unprofessional if businesses were marketing through instant messaging apps.

Today, SMS has similar usage areas to the examples above. These areas are very few. Instant messaging, which replaces SMS, provides advantages in customer communication.

Managing Instant Messaging Has Never Been Easier

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