Over time, customer service tools have become a significant part of businesses. These tools have minimized the time businesses spend on customer service. In this way, customer communication became faster and more efficient.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of these new technologies. Moreover, their aim is not only to improve customer communication. At the same time, that who want to follow an effective marketing strategy and increase conversion rates take advantage of these tools. 

However, choosing the most useful communication tools among dozens of customer communication tools can be challenging for businesses. That’s why we, as a Qpien blog, have listed the most practical customer communication tools for businesses.

Here are the most valuable customer service tools you should know.

The Most Effective Customer Communication Tools

Help Desk Software

Businesses offer multi-channel communication with help desk software. It’s a great way to improve the customer experience because it provides consistent communication.

Businesses use helpdesk software to answer and manage customer requests. It may include live chat or customer support solutions like Chatbot. Help desk software is perfect for customer support teams. It allows you to manage various channels, including messaging, social media, e-mail, in customer conversations, from a single panel. It is focused on one-to-one communication thanks to it, customer service becomes manageable.

As the intensity of customer communication increases, follow-up becomes more difficult and customer satisfaction suffers. Help desk software makes it easy for businesses and omnichannel customer support with a single tool. It’s a perfect way for businesses looking to improve their customer experience.

Some examples of help desk software; 

Live Chat

Sometimes customers need real-time communication. In this case, the first thing that comes to your mind may be to contact the phone. But there is a much faster and more efficient way to do this. ”Live chat”

Compared to Live chat phone support, it is a much faster and lower-cost solution. It is also very efficient considering that a representative can deal with more than one customer simultaneously.

Moreover, Live chat’s high interaction rate and instant communication also help to increase customer satisfaction. On the other hand, according to statistics: Almost 80% of companies say that live chat has increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty for their business. Accordingly, Live chat can help increase sales as well as be a powerful customer service tool.

Here are some Live chat software alternatives;

E-mailing Software

 Although e-mail is a reliable customer communication tool, it is not as popular nowadays. But that doesn’t mean businesses don’t need it.

Although it is preferred for one-way communication, your customers may choose this communication method to get support. Therefore, it should keep incoming under control.

In addition, they are excellent tools for sending launch notifications, newsletters, and special coupons to customers. Businesses can create personalized communication with their customers via e-mail and increase brand awareness.

Here are some examples of e-mail marketing software;

mailing, customer communication tools, customer support

 Messaging Software

Contrary to expectations, 89% of consumers say they prefer messaging with businesses to any other form of communication. Although text messages are used for marketing, it is an effective customer communication tool for businesses. Text messages are a great way to promote customer company updates and inform them of campaigns. Because we never leave our phones with us. Incoming notifications are always in sight. Plus, not all of your customers are smartphone users. Therefore, communicating via SMS or instant messaging increases your reach to your target audience.

Here are some messaging tools examples for businesses;

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables businesses to monitor and manage customer interaction. It is often used with analysis, reporting, and automation tools. In this way, it is focused on increasing customer satisfaction.

CRM plays a significant role in determining customer service strategies rather than communicating directly with customers. It provides reliable and personalized automation for businesses.

Here are some of the CRM platforms that businesses frequently prefer;

Chatbot Software

The customer communication process is predictable in many stages. Most customers contact you to learn about their order status, to renew their password, or to find out your working hours. 

Although each customer’s experience is special automation of these frequently repetitive processes will reduce the workload. That’s why businesses use Chatbots in communication channels such as social media, websites, and instant messaging apps.

Although this software is used for marketing and sales purposes in some cases, its common use is customer support.

Here are some chatbot software alternatives;

 Social Customer Support Software

Although social media is considered a means of entertainment, it is also used in business. They may prefer social media for marketing or direct customer interaction.

According to research, customers use social media to get information about the company or give feedback. Companies should pay attention to social media tools such as Facebook, and Instagram when offering customer communication.

Here are some platforms that will allow you to manage customer communication on your social media channels;

Survey Software

Customers are influential for businesses. If businesses work in line with the demands and expectations of their customers, it will be much easier to gain loyal customers. At this point, surveys help businesses improve themselves.

Surveys make it easy for businesses to collect hard-to-collect information. The general use of surveys is to measure customer satisfaction. Interaction is often used to gather feedback on products or services.

Surveys create an opportunity for uninterrupted communication by collecting information in advance in customer communication.

Thanks to Qpien’s automatic survey feature, you can automatically send surveys to customers. The feedback you collect will help you increase customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Engagement with All-in-One Features

All of the customer service tools mentioned above provide significant benefits to businesses. However, using these tools separately can cause confusion in the processes.

Businesses that prefer Qpien do not only manage all customer communication channels from a single panel. Also, they can speed up their customer communication with Quick replies, private labels, and automated replies.

Developed and customized for businesses, Qpien has everything a business might need in customer communication. Haven’t you decided how to improve customer communication yet?

Easily manage all your customer communications with the Omnichannel Customer Communication Platform Qpien!

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