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Deliver omni-channel customer support

Shopify customer support apps that help you provide professional support to your customers on your e-commerce site. Shopify has over 800 customer support apps. Businesses aim to increase conversions and customer loyalty while producing the best solutions for their customers in their virtual stores.

Let’s take this as an example. Imagine a customer walks into your store. Your salesman is not speaking to your customer. You may experience a similar case when you do not use a customer support application on your e-commerce site.

 The 4 million e-commerce sites use Shopify software.

Shopify, one of the world’s leading e-commerce software, comes with many features for its users to experience this situation. Shopify App Store stands out in customer support with powerful integration features.

So how can businesses make the right choice among over 800 Shopify customer support apps? As Qpien Blog, we have brought together Shopify’s top customer support applications for you.

Let’s get started.

World-famous brands such as Tesla, Sephora, Pepsi, and Nestle use Shopify.

Advantages of Shopify Customer Support Apps

In e-commerce, customer satisfaction carries a great price. According to research, customers who are possible from their experience are highly likely to prefer your brand in their next purchase. In e-commerce, customer satisfaction carries a great price. According to research, customers who are possible from their experience are highly likely to prefer your brand in their next purchase. For this reason, companies work for maximum customer satisfaction.

Some of the advantages that Shopify customer support applications provide to businesses are as follows.

  • A personalized customer experience 
  • Quick Solutions 
  • Increased conversion and shopping cart rates
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Real-time customer communication
  • Automation

The Shopify App Store has more than 7K apps that stores can use to customize their e-commerce sites.

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Top 10 Shopify Customer Support Apps


Qpien is an omnichannel customer communication platform developed specifically for businesses.

The platform enables businesses to provide professional and solution-oriented customer service on their e-commerce sites. For example, the Qpien live chat feature makes it easy to communicate with their customers in real-time. In addition, businesses can provide a more personalized customer experience to their potential customers by tracking instant visitors on their websites with Qpien.

With Qpien’s automated messages, businesses can welcome visitors to their websites or instantly answer potential customer questions. In addition, effective reporting and analysis tools can monitor daily, weekly, and monthly levels of customer communication.

The features of Qpien provide businesses with full automation in customer communication while providing a personalized customer experience. 

On the other hand, since Qpien is an omnichannel customer communication platform, businesses can manage their customer communication in channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram in addition to their e-commerce sites from a single panel. Thus, customer communication can be managed professionally through all channels.

Finally, with its mobile-friendly system, Qpien makes it easy for businesses to control customer communications. The platform is an effective solution for companies that want to increase customer engagement and improve customer experience.


Gorgias is a customer support app developed specifically for e-commerce sites.

Gorgias, shopify, shopify apps

The platform allows businesses to track their orders directly through the app. Users can manage customer requests and provide multi-channel support through multiple storefronts (SMS, social media, email). In addition, businesses can pull customer data directly to the management panel and perform operations such as order changing and starting repayments.

Gorgias, which is more costly than its competitors in the market, lacks the features that will facilitate the communication of the representatives within the team during the conversation.


Tidio is a customer service app designed to improve customer communication on e-commerce sites.

Tidio, shopify apps

It is a ıdeal for businesses that want to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. Plus it has features that support customer support. Users can manage the conversations in different channels from a single panel.

On the other hand, businesses can’t manage customer conversations through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter channels with Tidio. Also, a single Tidio tab cannot show messages from multiple channels. It is also not sufficient for businesses with more than one e-commerce site.

Re: amaze

Re: amaze is a customer service app that mainly caters to small and medium-sized enterprises.

re:amaze, Live chat, shopify apps

It is effortless to use and has features such as unlimited e-mail and ticket management. In addition, it facilitates the purchasing and post-processing processes in e-commerce sites with its automation of workflow.

Re: amaze is much more than a live chat app. It also helps businesses to communicate on channels such as Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter. Also, companies can easily connect different Shopify stores with Re: amaze. On the other hand, ıt needs 3rd party apps like Whatsapp or Slack for seamless customer support.


Zendesk is an easy-to-use customer relationship management platform suitable for businesses of all sizes.

The platform provides businesses with a wide range of conveniences, from user support to marketing. Additionally, Companies can easily manage customers and interactions. It is equipped with many features to enable businesses to provide quick and easy solutions to their customers’ problems.

zendesk,shopify apps

In addition, the platform has more than 1000 integrations in different categories such as reporting, data analysis, marketing, and project management.

Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox was developed by Shopify, unlike the customer support apps on the list.

shopify ınbox

It helps businesses to communicate with their customers whenever they want. In addition, Shopify Inbox enables easy management of customer conversations (e-mail, social media, etc.) from a single panel.

In addition, businesses can create frequent questions or FAQs for their e-commerce sites using Shopify Inbox.

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Tawk. to

Tawk. to is a Shopify live chat app that allows businesses to interact with visitors.

Users can manage customer requests on e-commerce sites or create a help center with Tawk. to. It can also meet business’s needs with tools such as Livechat, a customer knowledge base. However, Tawk. to is not developed for e-commerce sites. For this reason, the owner of an e-commerce site may not be able to meet the essential requirements of businesses.


Jivochat is a reliable live support app that businesses can use on their e-commerce sites.

jivochat, shopify apps

With JivoChat, businesses can instantly contact visitors and reply to them with quick responses to increase the efficiency of their Shopify stores.

JivoChat’s top feature is that it has a built-in CRM that allows you to add reminders and status updates to chat conversations. In addition, with the instant callback feature, visitors can enter their phone numbers. Representatives can call them instantly and solve their potential problems over the phone.


eDesk is a very popular e-commerce helpdesk.

e-desk, shopify customer support, best shopify apps

The platform allows businesses to communicate with customers through different channels (website, email). Widget customizations adapt to the brand. In addition, the advanced ready response system can facilitate even the most intensive communication processes. In addition, eDesk users also have the opportunity to collect feedback from their customers.

Although eDesk is a popular software, it is expensive compared to the market. The complex interface of the platform may force some users.


UVDesk is another Shopify customer service app that helps e-commerce site owners manage customer engagement.

It has multi-channel support and third-party integrations, ticket, and email management. It has been developed specifically for e-commerce and is based on the needs of e-commerce store owner users.

Support teams can manage customer conversations more effectively with the help of UVdesk’s Priority, status, and tag features. It also has an open-source helpdesk. It is free.

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