When we say e-commerce customer service, what comes to mind first?

E-commerce makes it easier for businesses to reach their target audience. Therefore, it is also influential in the development of a business.

The popularity of e-commerce day by day has attracted customers to this area. According to Statista, more than 206 million users visit Amazon every month worldwide. 

While this means heavy customer traffic for businesses, it also brings competition.

Giving importance to customer service enables businesses to make a difference in this competition. Companies that care about customer satisfaction can easily create a loyal customer base. Improving the customer experience on the website and in e-commerce marketplaces is essential for the company’s future.

In this article, we’ll outline 10 advanced e-commerce customer service practices for businesses looking to optimize their workflow, turn customer experience into profit margins, and stand out from the competition in the industry.

What is E-commerce Customer Service?

E-commerce customer service is a strategy for providing customer service to online customers.

Online customer service is essential for e-commerce. Enhanced e-commerce customer service enables businesses to gain customer trust.

How Can You Improve Customer Service in E-commerce?

Provide Omnichannel Support

 Omnichannel is essential for new-generation customer service. Businesses that want to provide successful customer service need to be reachable through different channels.

In this way, customers can communicate with the business through a channel they trust and feel more comfortable with it. A successful strategy also has a significant impact on conversion rates.

Offer Instant Communication with Live Chat

According to statistics, customers prefer to communicate via live chat because they can find instant answers. Businesses can save time and cost by shortening customer response times with live chat.

Using live chat will increase customer satisfaction thanks to shortening average response times. In addition, when customers’ questions and requests are answered instantly, the rate of leaving the website without purchasing is low. Thus, sales and conversion rates increase.

If businesses develop their live chat to increase customer-oriented and participation, they can provide excellent customer service on e-commerce sites.

Personalize Processes

As we mentioned before, a personal customer experience is the first condition of customer loyalty. Research indicates that customers’ impersonal purchasing experiences are a disappointment.

Based on this report, we can conclude that customers expect a personalized experience. This personalization helps create a bond between the brand and the customer.

You can quickly personalize your customer experience with objective customer data in e-commerce. This personalization can range from page visits to replies, from purchases to shipment tracking.

Be Reachable 24/7

You shouldn’t forget that customers can visit your website at any time of the day. At the same time, you need to support them when they encounter any problems. So use communication tools like automated messaging or chatbots to improve customer service in e-commerce. This way, you will continue to support your customers during out-of-working hours.

Choose the Best Help Desk for Your Business

Help desks help to manage customer communication processes in an organized manner and speed up the flow. The features developed by the help desks to improve customer communication not only reduce the workload of businesses but also ensure the professionalization of customer experience through different channels.

Businesses can provide advanced customer service to their customers on e-commerce platforms by choosing the most suitable help desk for the company.

An insufficient help desk can slow down workflow processes. Therefore, the time for customers to find a solution is extended. This situation directly affects customer satisfaction.

Quickly Respond to Customer Reviews

Your customers comment on social media or marketplaces to evaluate your products. It is important to show that you take your customers seriously by giving quick responses to these comments. This way, commenters understand that their opinions are taken seriously.

Also, these reviews are an opportunity to get to know your customers, build brand awareness, and improve on your weaknesses. At the same time, you can improve your customer relations by responding to the comments received.

Make sure you’re working with an omnichannel help desk that allows you to quickly respond to, collect, process, and analyze customer reviews. 

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Automate Processes

Automating processes in e-commerce allows businesses to provide a more professional service. It also makes things easier. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the company to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, take care to automate all processes from the first meeting to post-purchase.

Track All Customer Journey

Perfect planning is not enough to improve customer service. Also, it allows you to instantly solve a potential problem by tracking the customer journey.

Following the customer journey provides absolute dominance to businesses in e-commerce and ensures that the business is one step ahead of its visitors. This follow-up creates an opportunity for the company to instantly recognize the points that can be improved in e-commerce customer service.

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Provide Self-Service Solutions

Another way to improve customer service in e-commerce is to offer customers self-service solutions. This way, your customers or visitors can solve their problems without contacting your agents. 

Self-service tools can get customers to resolve faster. For example, knowledge bases are examples of self-service solutions. It is also significant that these tools are easy to understand and practical.

Act on Customer Feedback

Feedback determines the position of a business on online platforms. Good or bad reviews from your customers determine your brand’s position.

Customer feedback is one of the main elements for a business to thrive. The sum of this feedback can be considered a transparent report of your business.

At the same time, feedback is essential to measuring customer satisfaction. Also, it is essential to identify weak points and improve customer loyalty.

Join the Competition with Qpien

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With Qpien, you can instantly check comments from marketplaces and social media while providing LiveChat to our customers on your website. This way, you can offer a special service to each customer without wasting time switching between channels.

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