A help desk is software preferred by businesses to maintain customer communication smoothly. This software provides conveniences such as staying organized in the customer experience processes of the enterprises, working following customer service purposes, and providing maximum customer satisfaction.

It’s easy for even low-end businesses to use a help desk, as there are many inexpensive and free help desks on the market.

 This article covered what help desk software is. We explained Its features, types, and the most popular help desk platforms. If you are looking for the most suitable help desk software for your business to provide the highest quality service to your customers, keep reading.

What Are The Features Of Help Desk Software?

A helpdesk software offers many different features to improve customer communication, provide professional customer support, keep customer information and create a smooth real-time customer communication process.

The features and capabilities of each help desk software are not the same. However, a successful help desk must have as follows:

  • Multi-Channel Support
  •  Tracking and Analysis Tools
  •  Powerful Integrations
  •  Mobile Friendly
  • Inbox Management

Most Popular Help Desk Software


Qpien is a new-era omnichannel customer communication platform.

With Qpien, businesses can easily manage customer communications on active channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp from a single panel. In addition, the Qpien LiveChat feature supports businesses in controlling customer communication on their Web sites in real time.

qpien, helpdesk softwares, sales, customer services

In addition, Qpien’s live tracking and powerful reporting features also play a significant role in scaling the performance of the business’s customer communication and support teams.

Qpien has all the features that businesses may need while producing solutions to customer needs and problems. On the one hand, they can accelerate customer communication with automation and maximize customer satisfaction with real-time communication and instant tracking.

Moreover, Qpien has dozens of features that make things easier, such as canned reply, auto-reply, private notes, TeamChat, and smart filtering. Businesses can communicate with their customers through messaging, social media accounts, or websites.

Qpien enables businesses to easily manage their customer communication processes, even from mobile, with its mobile-friendly structure, and also ıt has a 14-day free trial.


Intercom is a LiveChat and automation platform that provides solutions for sales, marketing, and live support teams.

ıntercom, helpdesk, sales, customer support

It is easy to use and stands out with its advanced design. Even if the LiveChat system has everything a business might need, it may be poor because it is limited to the website. Businesses need extra software for communication channels such as social media, e-mail, and SMS.


Zendesk is one of the most popular help desk software of recent times. It creates an omnichannel support solution for businesses.

It provides many comforts to businesses with its shared inbox, knowledge base, and LiveChat tools. In addition, Zendesk provides its users with AI-powered solutions such as automatic responses and triggers.

Its ticket system is powerful. Moreover, rich integration options are supported. On the other hand, its design can make it difficult to use from time to time.


Freshdesk is a usable cloud-based helpdesk software designed for large teams.

It provides its users with tools such as a knowledge base, and chat features to manage tickets. In addition, it has powerful reporting and analytics tools. It is automation bots that have limited functionality.

It does not have SMS and Instagram integration. It’s ideal for businesses looking to increase customer engagement and facilitate scaling.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a help desk software developed by the popular CRM platform Zoho. Also, ıt was created to support customer interaction.

zoho desk, customer services, customer expreiences, helpdesk software

It has basic features like shared Inbox, a knowledge base that other help desk software has. It has artificial intelligence-supported automation for tasks such as speech sorting or tagging. Zoho Desk works seamlessly with Zoho CRM.

Zendesk is an easy-to-use platform. Moreover, ıt has a free basic plan that supports up to 3 agents. In addition, this plan has features such as e-mail, a support request system, mobile application.


LiveAgent is a customer relationship management application with a ticketing system.

livechat, omnichannel customer communication, sales, Help Desk Software

It supports multi-channel customer communication by e-mail, SMS, LiveChat, social media, and phone calls.

It also provides offline support services and solutions such as a customer portal, knowledge base, forum, feedback, and recommendations. Also, LiveAgent has many integrations like Zapier, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zendesk, Twitter, and Facebook.


Helpdesk is a simple and functional help desk software. It offers solutions to businesses.

helpdesk, customer communication, Help Desk Software

It brings all messages together in a shared inbox. Plus it has features such as private notes and automation. Finally, it has powerful integrations such as LiveChat, SalesForce, and Zapier.


Front is the ideal help desk software for businesses looking to increase productivity.

front, customer services, help desk management, Help Desk Software

With Front, businesses can manage their SMS, and social media accounts by connecting them to a shared inbox. It also has automation features as well as productivity-enhancing features such as a note, and tags. It does not have a live support tool that provides real-time communication.


Hiver is a Gmail-focused help desk software.

hiver, gmail, customer services

It works like an extension of Gmail. The software has features such as adding internal notes to the mail and assigning speakers. It provides some reports for businesses to better understand team performance and get to know their customers better.

Hiver doesn’t have additional tools. It is a customer service platform based on Gmail. Although it has limited features, it has powerful features such as email labels, automatic assignments, and templates.


Help Scout is help desk software powerful enough to support customer communication teams of thousands.

helpsocut, omnichannel customer support

It helps to simplify complex processes with reporting, API, and various integrations. It is a functional help desk with live chat, a knowledge base, and powerful tools. The shared inbox includes collaboration tools like mentions and private notes to add more context to a customer conversation.

It comes with advanced customization options of Help Scout, which is very easy to set up and use.


HappyFox is a help desk software developed to meet the needs of large teams from different sectors.

happy fox, help desk

It has many features like automation, ticket management, and advanced reporting and it stands out with its powerful ticket system. Also, HappyFox has real-time, detailed reporting features to increase user engagement.

Integrations are weaker compared to its competitors. Also does not have a free plan or trial.


Sysaid is a help desk software developed to enable customer support teams to work.

Sysaid, helpdesk, sales, customer support

It provides essential automation to businesses, especially in ticketing. Companies easily handle their workflows thanks to their automated templates. It also has features that will strengthen communication within the team and meet the needs. It is a corporate help desk with software plans and workflow automation.

Hubspot Services Hub

Hubspot is one of the popular CRM. It has a powerful, easy-to-use, and competitive helpdesk. 

hubspot, CRM, customer services

With Hubspot Services Hub, customer conversations can turn into tickets. Communication processes are easily scaled and tracked. It stands out with its powerful automation and rich integration options.


HelpCrunch is a powerful customer service tool for businesses.

help crunch, customer support tools, sales

It has many features ticketing, a knowledge base, and email marketing. Another outstanding feature is its powerful performance monitors. In addition to communication processes such as multi-channel messaging and live chat, it also has marketing processes.

5 Tips For Effective Help Desk Management

Before Choosing Software

Help desk software has a place in the workflow processes of businesses. Before deciding on the help desk software that they prefer to increase customer interaction, they choose according to their needs and requirements.

While some software only allows you to deal with customer requests from social media, software such as Hiver can serve just Gmail. For this reason, when choosing a help desk, managing all the channels we need from a single panel will make business processes efficient.

In addition, before deciding on the software to use, give importance to the business-facilitating features developed for your business and support team.

Finally, performance evaluation, analysis, and reporting tools help you get to understand your customers better. Businesses that want to approach customer needs professionally, and solution-oriented should choose powerful and well-equipped help desk software.

If you still have not decided which helpdesk to work with, meet the All-in-One Customer Communication Platform Qpien for free now!

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