It is a fact that WhatsApp is indispensable in customer service. Businesses can contact multiple potential customers at once using the WhatsApp bulk message feature. This feature, which accelerates the sales, marketing, and communication processes, is one of the most popular features of WhatsApp.

Many companies are looking for an answer to the question “How to send a mass message on WhatsApp” to use this feature in customer service or speed up their marketing processes. However, not every WhatsApp owner can take advantage of this feature. Businesses that want to actively use this feature should use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp API.

What is WhatsApp Bulk Messaging?

WhatsApp bulk messaging is a feature that allows its users to simultaneously send messages to their target audience or lists of potential customers. These messages are sent to users as private messages. WhatsApp bulk messaging was previously a consumer-only feature. Later, businesses started to take advantage of this feature. It allowed WhatsApp bulk messages to be used in marketing efforts.

How to Send a WhatsApp Bulk Message?

WhatsApp Business supports bulk messaging. This feature is free but has certain limitations. Businesses can send messages to 256 customers at once and to send these messages, your number must be added to the contacts of the person you are sending the message.

WhatsApp Business was downloaded 292 million times on Android and iOS devices in 2022.

Now let’s explain how to send bulk messages with WhatsApp Business:

  1. Open chats from WhatsApp Business
  2. Find the broadcast listings above.
  3. Add phone numbers to the list and name the lists.
  4. Then you can send your bulk messages privately to your lists.

The lists will be saved automatically. You can then send more messages using these lists. If this sending volume is not enough for you, using the WhatsApp API will be more effective.

What Can You Do in Bulk Message Sending with WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API provides more possibilities for sending bulk messages. Before explaining how to install it, let’s explain the features and limitations of the WhatsApp API.

 The API provides at least 1000 messages per day. This number starts with 1000 and then changes depending on your phone number status, quality level, and how many customers you start conversations with per day.

The biggest feature of the WhatsApp API is its power to reach its target audience. To send messages on WhatsApp Business, your customers must have saved you in their contacts. But in the API this is not required. However, this does not mean that you can send spam messages to anyone whose number you have.

Improve Your Communication With WhatsApp Business API

Limits of Bulk Messaging Via API

WhatsApp has taken some measures to prevent sending spam messages. When sending bulk messages via API, you need to use some templates. In addition, these messages must be approved by WhatsApp.

Just because you have to use template messages doesn’t mean you can’t customize them. You can personalize your target audience based on a company name, campaign, and product.

How to Send Bulk Messages with WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp API does not come with an interface. To use it you need to use a solution like Qpien. Omnichannel customer service platform Qpien is a WhatsApp API partner. So you can start the installation in minutes with Qpien.

After completing the installation, you can start sending messages by creating personalized customer messages. With mass messages, you can notify your customers of updates or quickly inform their stock information. At the same time, you can check the message status from a single screen, or plan the messages you will send in advance. Moreover, you can easily organize the processes by categorizing the incoming responses. If you want to become a WhatsApp API user without wasting time, contact us.

Best Examples of WhatsApp Bulk Messaging

You can use templates to send bulk messages on WhatsApp. Because bulk messages are sent for different purposes, there are diverse templates you can use. Here are some template examples you can use for your business.

  • WhatsApp Newsletters

When you make updates about your company, products, or services, you can share these notifications with all your customers registered in your lists.

  • Status Updates

You can instantly inform your customers about your work or interruptions.

  • Product Notices

You can quickly inform your customers about product stocks and new products. In this way, you can strengthen your marketing campaign by informing your customers who are interested in the product.

  • Welcome Messages

Welcome messages, you can let new and potential customers know that they can stay in contact with you on WhatsApp at any time they wish.

Are You Ready to Send Bulk Messages from WhatsApp?

If you prefer mass messaging to communicate with your customers and target audience after reading, you can try Qpien free of charge for 14 days.

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